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For every Small Batch of our Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods, we fresh cut every Jalapeno, every Mushroom, every Green Pepper, every Onion. Fresh is in our name, Wisconsin Fresh Guarantees Gourmet Freshness in every Gourmet Food we sell.

Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Grillin Meats is all about Farm Fresh Meat, Farm Fresh Vegetables and always Wisconsin Fresh Cheese. 

All Farm Fresh Meat is ground fresh and every Farm Fresh Vegetable is whole cut fresh for each small batch we make. We do not cut corners on Fresh Quality Gourmet Foods. In every bite you will taste the Gourmet Flavors of our foods.

Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Brat Patties are the only real gourmet brat patty in the US.

Our Fresh Gourmet Wisconsin Bratwurst are unique with their Gourmet Flavors, and we offer over 40 flavor styles of Wisconsin Bratwurst for you to choose from.

Our Gourmet Wisconsin Brat Patty Burgers, Gourmet Sliders, Gourmet Wisconsin Brats and our Gourmet Breakfast Patties  are made of the Whole Muscle, not with fillers, preservatives or additives. You will absolutely love the difference.

Gourmet Grillin Sliders are the perfect appetizer or entree for your restaurant menu or bar menu .  Your customers will love this new product available in 4 Gourmet Grillin Flavors. Get these in your frozen food section of your grocery store or c-store.

Our New Gourmet Breakfast Patties are the perfect compliment to your Eggs & Hash browns, Breakfast Sandwich, Omlette or any breakfast item on your Restaurant Menu. Your customers will absolutely love the Gourmet Flavors of our Breakfast Pork Patties.

Wisconsin Gourmet Bratwurst Patties are the perfect addition to your Restaurant Menu or Bar Menu. Wholesale Wisconsin Brat Patties in our 9 Gourmet Flavor Profiles will entice your customers and your bottom line. Get these Wisconsin Brat Patties Wholesale for your Grocer freezer isle or your fresh meat section and invite us in to sample to your customers. You will see why Wisconsin Fresh beats out national brands 5 to 1 everytime. Wholesale Bratwurst Patty nationwide distribution.

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Introducing our Gourmet Wholesale Breakfast Sausage that are getting national attention. Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods has done it again, reinventing your breakfast menu. Wholesale Food Distributors, take note, this is the Gourmet Food Line you have been looking for. Get these in your customers Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Restaurants and Specialty Stores today! With 4 Gourmet Flavor Profiles your customers will keep coming back for more.

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Wholesale Gourmet Bratwurst Sliders and Wholesale Gourmet Beef Sliders are an excellent addition to the Restaurant Menu and Bar Menu, either as an appetizer or as an entree. Pair up our Gourmet Beef Slider with any Gourmet Bratwurst Slider for the Perfect Pub Slider. Distributors.... Get these in your Grocery Store's and Convenience Stores... these are the ultimate grilling foods. 

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Wholesale Wisconsin Bratwurst from WIsconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods are the Best Wisconsin Brat you can buy. Wisconsin Fresh proudly offers over 40 Gourmet Bratwurst Flavor Profiles for every taste in America. Wisconsin Brats are a favorite year round all over the country, making a great addition to your Restaurant Menu or Bar Menu. Wisconsin Bratwurst are a must have in the Grocery Store Meats or Grocery Deli Sections. Distributors, do you customers a favor and carry Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Wisconsin Bratwurst.

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